The 50 best research paper topics for college and university students

The research paper writing is seemed and is considered challenging for the students to cover during their academic growth; however, it is the substantial lesson and the practical learning achieved during the academic years of the college and the university students. It is the phase, which is happening all around the world in every student’s life. Each of you as the student is required to write at least one or two research papers, as the major course requirement of the semester, with the presence of wide variety of the major subjects available. Although, it is the difficult task, do not try to gift yourself the anxiety and the stress, or do not underestimate the competencies you might hold hidden, which will be explored due to the demand of the significant effort and efficient time management required for the research paper development.

Thus, to mitigate the level of stress and reduce the count of worries you assume in regards to the research paper development, the first thing to make it sure is the base of your research topic. Under such circumstances, you will go through different research topics assigned to you, mostly which happens at the college level, because as the students you have limited understanding about the research paper writing; on the other hand at the more advanced levels, there is the requirement of developing the research topics by yourself. It is required that the entire research has to be built around the given topic or from the topic. In order to select or develop the interesting topic for the audience, which will contribute to exploring and exhibiting your talent, the foremost advice is you should maintain the habit of reading.


Initiating with the first phase, i.e. the selection of your research topic, keep one simple thing in mind that it should be felt interesting to you instead of the sounding bore or the worn out material. The reason is that your choice of the interesting research topic will be considered as the innovative paradigm, which will intrigue the readers and will motivate them to read the entire research you have developed. In better terms, your research paper might create the impact of change over the readers’ perspectives. But in case, if you are having difficulty in making or selecting the research topic; you should consider the selection of your field of interest. It is the known and accepted fact that there is no practice of work which can be well performed when there is no interest of the performer in it; the similar is the situation for the researcher, you can write the insightful research paper, until and unless you do not have the particular interest in it. Thus, considering the situation another way round, i.e. when the research topic is of your interest, you will be lucky to write about it. It will be easier for you to develop the themes or develop the connections between the two or more variables. You might also search and explore the additional resources through the available online portals related to your interest, which will also support in developing the understanding and triggering your critical thinking to ensure the innovative and interesting research topic development.


Moving forward, the best practice that works efficiently in developing or finding the exciting and right research paper topics is to think several areas of your interest; for example, it might be technology, the lifestyle, education, or may be travelling (tourism), etc. Thus, pen down such subject areas of your interest on the sheet of paper and select the one which is of higher interest to you and then break it in general subjects that are related to it. Here, for example, you like traveling, i.e. the tourism; therefore, consider the practices in tourism, such as spending, the hotel and accommodation or other services selection, the mode of transport you would consider for traveling, or most importantly the preferences that lead you to the selection of the particular country for traveling. Through practicing such ideas, you will result in narrowing down your research topic to the most interesting point. If you are at the advanced level of research, i.e. as the university student, search for the different point of views related to your topic of interest, as there are number of past research papers already performed, go through their conclusions, it will expand the pool of your knowledge, and if you think that your perception does not except the idea concluded, you will be able to result in the development of the controversial research topic.


There is another effective solution for your research topic to become the interesting one and that is to make the quick internet search on the list of the topics which are widely researched and identify the issues that meet your research topic and the perspective. One thing you should keep in mind that do not limit your search to blogs or website articles, also consider the books, the encyclopedia, the research journals, news and magazine articles, and the plenty of published material available. Here, the most useful and the low time consuming is going through the online magazine and the news articles, the reason is that they are shorter in word count and are more up-to-date and informative than those, which are presented in the books or the research journals. One thing that you should keep in mind during the research topic selection or development or the entire research project that do not panic if you are exposed to the broad arena of the sources available, precise your understanding, your interest, and try to develop the understanding with the limited number of highly interesting searched articles.

Further, you can also take into consideration the complexity level of your research, i.e. rating it over the scale of easy, medium, or hard. Hence, once you get mastered and developed your research topic, check the internet sources for the availability of the references. There is another beneficial option available for you, i.e. the searching your college or university library database, which is accessible online and holds the number of past research papers of your peers. At this level of researching, do not hesitate to discuss your work progress with your supervisor or the library database supervisor for lending you some assistance. Other resources, which are beyond the limits of college or university database includes the professional research paper writing hubs and portals available widely over the internet.

In case running out of the topics to write about or reducing the complexity of thinking; check out the suggestions below, which can help you for developing the exciting research paper topic:


  1. Employment and workforce management.
  2. Business ethics.
  3. Business compliance management.
  4. The trends in entrepreneurship.
  5. The future of family-owned businesses.
  6. Business innovations.
  7. Business intelligence.
  8. The leadership competencies in business.
  9. Change management and business performance.
  10. The strategic human resources and management by objectives in business


  1. Information Technology in product and services innovation
  2. The growth of cloud computing.
  3. The artificial intelligence and the impact on the workforce.
  4. The trends in entrepreneurship.
  5. Data mining practices.
  6. The cyber protocols businesses have to consider.
  7. The myths and the actual benefits of e-businesses.
  8. Internet censorship and the innovative content development.
  9. Computer graphics.
  10. Data security management.
  11. Mobile and the wireless communication systems.


  1. Sustainable logistics and supply chain management.
  2. Sustainable business operations and innovations.
  3. The 'Green' concept and the role of environmental sustainability.
  4. The growth of biodiversity.
  5. Climate change; the impact and influences.
  6. Ecological psychology.
  7. The environmental laws and business performance.
  8. The natural disasters growth – Flooding and the earthquakes.
  9. The global warming and glacier melting relationship.
  10. The growing demand for national parks, the national resources, and the restrictions over the nuclear and hazardous waste.


  1. The educational world and the growing cultural diversity in the developed countries.
  2. Cultural diversity link with innovation and entrepreneurship.
  3. Cultural relativism.
  4. The ethnic conflicts in the customer markets.
  5. The monitoring and mentoring of the ethnic minorities in healthcare management.
  6. Cultural diversity and conflict resolutions.
  7. Cultural and social divisions within the country.
  8. Ethnic racism and stereotyping.
  9. The marketing content development and preferences for the diverse cultural groups.
  10. Cultural ecosystem services.


  1. Tourism and the contribution in educational paradigms.
  2. The impact of the internet on the tourism growth.
  3. The globalization and the resulting trends in tourism.
  4. The concept of destination marketing in tourism.
  5. Sustainable tourism.
  6. Service quality management in hospitality sector the broader expectations of the tourism industry.
  7. Tourism and poverty reduction.
  8. Global events and tourism.
  9. Tourism and the conscious and unconscious learning.
  10. The tourism economics.