Importance of Academic Integrity

Integrity is said to be an honest and trustworthy with someone. The students have their morals and values that reflect their characters and credibility. The students maintain their academic integrity that can represent them in earning the degree of genuine academic achievements. Academic integrity is essential for students to make them work hard in a fair and honest way in order to receive their degrees by putting many hours of studies in their academic lives. The value of the degree can be diminished if the student cheats on his academics. It is essential for the student when he asked to write my essay in the proper acknowledgement of the source material. The credibility of a student follows the workforce and has impacted their personal goals.

The academic integrity is vital for many reasons. Firstly, it means the trust of others on you. The people can rely on your honesty and on what you say you will do. People believe in doing right things, and your behavior is consistent with that belief. Moreover, trust is considered to be a significant characteristic of successful leaders. They independently create a reputation for honesty, fair and trustworthy like success in business and understanding of benefits of integrity. Secondly, academic integrity is important because it gives value to the degree achieved by the student. It is helpful in searching jobs that employers always hire employees with degrees and believe that they have high personal integrity. Thirdly, it is crucial as it offers peace of mind on those who say that you are doing the right thing. The act of integrity can help in reducing a lot of unnecessary stress, helps in making happier, healthier and more productive.

Academic integrity is essential as the behavior undermines the learning and credibility of the students. It can save the high standards and reputation that reflects the personality of a student to the wellbeing of the society. Conversely, its breeches can also diminish the student in his academics. The academic integrity requires being frankly and wholly acknowledged when a student asks an expert to write my essay. The act of dishonesty is an offense at all academic level. It is considered as a form of cheating and plagiarism. The scholars are generous and welcome the work of other scholars. The process of protecting students can be graded down on academic dishonesty that is not vetted in the broader community. The academic integrity is the production of own work and adequately acknowledging the work of others by including in our work.It is crucial for the students to develop their academic skills that will help in maintaining their academic integrities. Those are:

  • It is better for a student to take guidance from experts or professionals in order to write my essay.
  • The students can get help from different academics in learning at the Central libraries.
  • It is helpful to visit the websites of Student Learning Center in order to find a wide range of excellent resources of academic readings, notes, referencing and scholarly writings.
  • Seek out for the Liaison Librarians that can help in finding better academic resources.
  • To check out of smart search guides that can access anywhere at any time.

As a student, it is essential to know and understand the rights and responsibilities. The engagement in consequences of academic misconducts can affect the grades in the future career. At every level of educational, the rule and obligations of academic integrity are outlined. The writer gets feedback from readers; it is also essential to understand how to maintain the authorial integrity. It also allows the writer to continue pride and contribute positively to the academic community in order to develop a credible knowledge.