How United Kingdom students can get high score in essay writing?

We at EssayMaster receive so many queries from students asking about how to score better in essay writing particularly from UK. This is the reason that we have decided to provide complete detailed information on this issue. In general essay may seem simple; however, scoring good is another thing. With experience of more than ten years, we have understood that different universities offering different degree programs have requirements for academic writing and essay is one of them. However, requirements for essay and ways of scoring better may vary from degree to degree, institute to institute and from tutor to tutor. There is no single formula that can ensure good grades. Nevertheless, we are providing you basic tips and techniques so that you have profound idea about starting and submitting your essay. So, following are the main tips that you may find helpful.

Understanding the Requirements

Institutes in UK are very careful about academic essay requirements. They provide heap of details from marking criteria to structure, and detailed information on the task. What students do is they skip to the main part turn their attention towards the assessment instruction. However, it is indispensable for students to go through the each and every detail. Sometimes teacher do mention the models to use, theories to apply and even structure of the entire essay is given. As the matter of fact, go through the marking criteria. Marking criteria reflects the weightage of each section. You can get an idea of the areas that require more concentration and more word count as compared to others.

Categorizing the Requirements

After carefully and thoroughly going through the requirements, one may realize that the essay is based on different sections, segments or requirements. It is better to breakdown the entire requirements into different sections that can help in structuring, and researching the information. These also act as milestones allowing students to better understand the entire essay. For example, first part may ask you to analyze the strategy of business and second may ask you to recommend. There may be more than two segments. Categorizing the requirements may facilitate the overall research strategy for the essay.

Researching the Information:

There are two important factors influencing the research, either there is too much information or there is no information. These both cases are dangerous and require hard work. When there is too much information, students spend so much time in determining the best information. When there is too less information, they find it difficult to extract it. When researching the information, make it sure that the sources are legit, for example, you can extract information from news agencies, journal article, libraries, and organizational websites. However, avoid using blogs, and informative websites. Use deductive approach that is to start from general and then reach to the focal point. Always safe your important references, it is better to first research and then write.

Start Writing

Start writing segment to segment as you have done in the researching. First focus on the first segment, complete it, and then move towards the second one. Don’t try to be perfect in the first go. It is suggested that you should write about 300 to 500 words and then read it again for the correction. When moving towards the second 500 words, do check the connection in between. While writing, be simple, straightforward, and realistic. Do not spend too much time finding the fancy word, instead use simple word. Make short and to the point sentences and avoid ambiguity.


When you complete your essay, proofread it for errors, grammatical mistakes, information flow, referencing style, paragraph styling, formatting and other trivial factors. Students often in hurry submit paper without proofreading, however it is compulsory to ensure that students are checking and rechecking what they have written and what they are submitting.

With these basic tips and techniques, you can ensure better grades for your essay in UK. Just stick to the basics and avoid being fancy until and unless you are hundred percent sure about what you are doing.