7 Best Tips to Help You Get Better at Essay Writing

Every student enrolled in any degree program at any university needs to submit bundle of essays as the part of their program. However, not every student is a writer, and submitting a paper that can get you high grades require skills, abilities, and techniques. Writing a high graded paper is not that difficult, as it may seem, yet simple and basic following tips and techniques can help you in improving yourself.


Develop reading habit can actually facilitate in developing and building own essay writing style. Read what you like. It can improve language proficiency, flow of information and give idea of different writing styles. Reading is the key to improve your essay. One cannot be a good writer, until he has developed a habit of reading. Reading improves everything, from language, to use of words, learning of new words and usage of words. Read what you like to read, novel, newspaper, blogs, movie scripts, anything that is of interest for you.

Build Vocabulary

Good vocabulary can actually help you in expressing yourself, your ideas and your arguments. Do not just copy past the word from dictionaries; learn how to use the word.

Research the topic

Better the research, better the quality of your essay. However, do not ponder yourself too much in researching the right material. Sometimes, your desired information may popup immediately, and it may not. Look for what you want. High quality data ensures high quality of essay.

Be critical

In the essay, try to put what other scholars have stated about the argument, don’t be vague, use facts, figures, counter arguments, supporting documents and more. This is to make sure that the reader realizes that the author has conducted rigorous research and have put some important information in the paper that eventually attracts the reader.

Punctuation and Tone of Voice

Use the right tone of voice. It can be either informative, persuasive, emphasized, and others. Use of punctuation reflects your command on the language. No reader wants to read a paper that has vague writing style and does not know the language. Use punctuation critically, wherever necessary and required.

Flow of Information

It is essential to have flow of information in a relevant manner. Information should flow from general to the focal point. The flow should be in a way that should keep readers interested in the content. Step by step, ascending order of information is most liked.

Essay Structure

Structure of essay, keeping in mind the flow of information, it is understood that should be in effective manner. Giving the thesis statement in the introductory paragraph. Every paragraph should start with a view point, supported with argument and then move towards conclusion. Every paragraph should be connected to each other that help in the flow of information.

These tips are to make sure that you are able to write an effective and efficient essay that can help you in achieving better grades.