100 Research Paper Topics for College Students

The writing of the innovative and the interesting research paper is the compulsory part of the many college and university curriculums in the present; however, it seems challenging for the students, to introduce themselves to the broader spectrum of self-constructive knowledge. As the part of the academic career program, you being the student required to clear the course of the research paper, based on which it is identified that the generation of the stress is common. On the contrary, it is recommended to you that instead of finding yourself trapped, perceive the positive aspects that the study, which you will perform for the development of the research topic will result in the increase of the additional knowledge. The practice will include the selection of the topic, or moreover, you will be assigned to structure the research topic yourself. Don’t panic; here is the useful guidance for you that will help in structuring and selection of your research topic.

How to Perform the Selection of Best Research Topic

The best advice for you while making or choosing your research topic is that you should ensure that the research arena you are picking should be of demanding interest; thus it will not seem dull or boring for captivating the attention of the readers. In case if you are not provided with the research topic by your supervisor, take the help from impressive writers in research topic creation. For your support, there are some of the phases or the guidelines defined below for selecting or structuring the exciting and appropriate research topic:

Begin with the Field of Your Interest

It is the known fact that the human mind refuses to perform any activity, which is not consciously interesting; the concept is similar to the development of the research topic. Here, you get the advice that for structuring your own research topic focus on the selection of the area of your interest. For example, some of the specific trends are technology, gaming, tourism, fashion, entrepreneurship, etc. You will be lucky enough if you are assigned to the research topic that meets your interest strings. However, if not consigned, then it would be easier for you to explore the areas and the connecting themes to write the research about. It is similar to the stance that if you like socializing you lifestyle will include numerous practices and talking about the socialization, or if you have an interest in technological growth, you will want to talk about the impressive mobile brands and their innovative applications, the artificial intelligence, or the digital printing, etc. Hence, the approaches and practices in the research topic development and the research performance are the same.

The Selected Topic should be Definite

Once you have selected the area and developed the rough concept for your research topic, you should also ensure that you have the clear understanding regarding the selected topic or the critical aspects your mind is holding to deliver to the audience. The more in-depth your understanding is the simpler will be the performance of the research and the chances of its success. If you identify or feel that the topic includes the critical issues, such as the complexity of defining the terms, the challenges of involving the wide actual details to include; for example, discussing the cultural heritage, the political wars, or addressing the medical or mathematic equations. In such stances, you are advised to switch from the topic and select the new one. The reason is that your research should proclaim that you are the master of the topic, you are talking about, which also declares that your research is interesting for the readers.

Be Precise, Specific, & INNOVATIVE

In relevance to the research topic selection and research performance, you need to understand that it should not be structured as the descriptive essay; for example, defining the terms, the area of the interest, or the different practices, etc. The research you perform should be reflected as the accurate and the through work, through inserting the discussion over the factual details you have analyzed. You cannot just provide the water to the plant to grow; there are different characteristics which made the growth phase interesting and distinctive; similar is perspective the research topic and research performance. For instance, how innovative can be the e-commerce or e-selling for the profitability growth of a restaurant or the fashion store? It is also considered that your innovative idea in the form of the research topic or the conclusion of sure research will provide the research idea to the other students or the audiences. Besides, through additional studies and in-depth investigations, you can also uncover the hidden and the efficacious facts, which can blow the readers perspective, framing your research paper as the standout research work.

Check into Associated Information Available

After choosing the exciting research topic, you consider the extensive search for the resources, which include the past researches, the articles demonstrating the present findings, or issues that can impact indirectly to your research findings. The potential source you can use for checking and accessing the associated information available is the internet, through which the research journals, the articles, or the magazines can be obtained. Besides, your college database is also the significant resource for accumulating the information.

Some of the research paradigms, which are currently in practice are scripted below for your support, delivering the idea of developing the research topic:

Research Topics on Marketing

  1. Marketing communication and brand equity development
  2. The growing integration of social media and mobile marketing
  3. Tourism marketing research
  4. International marketing paradigms
  5. The combination of competitive marketing strategies
  6. The impact of marketing on consumer decision making
  7. Marketing strategy and execution plan for branding
  8. Marketing the key tool for brand awareness
  9. Brand communication
  10. Sustainability approach to marketing

Research Topics on International Trade

  1. Value-added macroeconomics exports as international trade
  2. The threats to biodiversity due to international trade
  3. The economic and political designing of the international trade policies
  4. The growth of the business through international trade practices
  5. The legal restrictions impacting the international trade mechanism
  6. The exporting and importing mechanism for the general welfare of the nation
  7. Impact of the tariffs and trade barriers
  8. The government procurement rules and practices affect the international trade
  9. Trade barriers influenced by the BREXIT
  10. The terrorism and the international trade


  1. Sustainable logistics and supply chain management.
  2. Sustainable business operations and innovations.
  3. The 'Green' concept and the role of environmental sustainability.
  4. The growth of biodiversity.
  5. Climate change; the impact and influences.
  6. Ecological psychology.
  7. The environmental laws and business performance.
  8. The natural disasters growth – Flooding and the earthquakes.
  9. The global warming and glacier melting relationship.
  10. The growing demand for national parks, the national resources, and the restrictions over the nuclear and hazardous waste.

Research Topics on Politics

  1. The national political discussion over the social apps
  2. The politics and the business governance
  3. The political psychology
  4. The system theory and impact on the modern politics
  5. The government politics and the military interests over the national wellbeing
  6. Political parties and their acceptance of the electoral systems
  7. The models of democracy or the choosing the dictatorship
  8. Politics and the international relations
  9. The international growth of the environmental politics
  10. Modern democratic political thought

Research Topics on Health Management

  1. The cultural diversity and the public health sector emergency response
  2. Uncovering the realities of the healthcare sector
  3. Health literacy and public health - integration of modern technology and distinctive service levels
  4. Health management design
  5. Rehabilitation for the minorities
  6. Health benefits for the expats in the host countries
  7. The non-medical managers in the healthcare sector for decision making
  8. Cost controlling in the healthcare management
  9. Branding of the hospitals
  10. The support for the online healthcare management

Research Topics on Changes in Education Practices

  1. The conceptual issues and research practices in international education changes
  2. Evaluation of education and the learners’ psychology
  3. Special education and the behavioral sciences
  4. The higher education and the participation of the social channels
  5. Mobile learning for the teachers - the innovation in education
  6. The ICT practices in education
  7. Environmental Management Systems (EMS) in education
  8. Clinical education complexities
  9. Linguistic differences between the teacher and the students', impact on the education quality
  10. The curriculum development in higher education

Research Topics on Entertainment Arena

  1. Understanding the psychology of entertainment
  2. The concept of the internet of things (IoT) and the state-of-the-art
  3. The business engagement with the entertainment practices and the impact
  4. The limitations of the media entertainment
  5. The age of digital entertainment
  6. The economic growth of the entertainment industry
  7. The response of the audiences to the diverse entertainment practices
  8. Video games the primary source of millennial entertainment
  9. The launch of the I-Max entertainment
  10. The growth of communication through entertainment channels

Research Topics on Psychology Management

  1. The leadership talent of psychology management
  2. The psychology of entrepreneurial business management
  3. The aspects of social psychology
  4. Religious and spiritual psychology at the organization level
  5. The innovative practice of emotional intelligence for managing the workforce
  6. Clinical psychology
  7. The personality disorder management
  8. The comparative psychology
  9. Classical conditioning and the stimulus equivalence
  10. The intelligence as the motivational characteristic

Research Topics on Social Activities

  1. The growing use of the internet
  2. The digitalization age is the adverse concern for the social and physical activities
  3. Social activities as the learning environment
  4. Social activities result in communication clarifications
  5. The socializing enhances the practice of risk taking
  6. Positive impacts of outdoor playing
  7. The health risk of the anti-social behavior
  8. Social skills training for the teachers
  9. Social activities for increasing the branding
  10. Casual chain framework

Research Topics on Workforce Management

  1. Workforce diversity and the human resource changes
  2. The ageing population workforce
  3. The quality management in the diverse workforce
  4. Labour productivity
  5. Workforce talent management for retention
  6. Strategic management in the organization for workforce lead innovations
  7. The mobility strategy for workforce management
  8. Health and safety complexities for workforce management
  9. The importance of leadership for the workforce
  10. The empowerment of the employees

Research Topics on Finance Management

  1. The growing trend of transparent accounting
  2. The role of top-level management in financial resolutions
  3. The insights and the gaps in accounting and financing, affecting the corporate social responsibility
  4. Personal and the public financial management in business - the comparison
  5. The financial management routing system
  6. Behavioral finance
  7. The impact of tax changes on the organizational investments
  8. The corporate finance management
  9. Credit and risk management systems
  10. The working capital management in the emerging economies