100 Best Essay Topics for Cause and Effect Essay

Do you remember the causes of average marks of your last quiz? It was due to lack of air into your car tire. The spotting light on your dashboard indicated you a day before the quiz that you must make the tire fill with air. On the way towards your university, you were late because you had to change the tire. This late arrival to the quiz made you hurry to complete the quiz in less time. You got late due to lack of air in your car tire.

In this entire situation, lack of your responsibility towards your transport was the cause. This cause affected your quiz and you got less marks in it.

Cause and effect belongs to the action and reaction to that of the action. For writing an essay on the cause and effect, one would need the particular action that will certainly impact on the some effects of the action that will be resultant of the action.

Students should also select the topics that are interesting for them. It will create enthusiasm to research upon the topics comprehensively.

There are some of the options from which students can select the topic and write on it for the cause and effect. These topics are divided into particular field.

Social issues

  1. Impact of drugs on the quality of education.
  2. Drinking of driver affect his driving on the road
  3. Impact of non-profit organization working towards social issues in country (student can select particular non-profit organization in it).
  4. What are the causes that compel children run out of their homes?
  5. Does communication skill can be better with social media?
  6. What are the obsessive impacts of domestic violence on the kids?
  7. What are the causes that make a man good or bad?
  8. How racism contribute towards professional life in the developed countries?
  9. Should children under age of 15 play violent games?
  10. Is there less migration due to effects of globalization?


  1. Impact of Increase in drugs in sports
  2. Effect of the law implementation in the advancement of games
  3. How chess is beneficial for the mental health?
  4. Effects of the increase in sports for the development of peace in the society.
  5. Effect of increase in football game in the colleges.
  6. What causes violence of the laws during games?
  7. How much rules and regulations affect players at the domestic/local and international level?
  8. Are women movements helpful for the enhancement of women games?
  9. Should government take interest to increase or decrease the image of their national games at the international level?
  10. How much advertisement of the brands effective for the games?


  1. Effect of the continuous use of computers and mobile phones on the human memory.
  2. Effect of the modern technologies on children.
  3. How children are affected with the use of internet?
  4. Effects of the social media on the young generation.
  5. What causes has derived bad impact of radiation towards the health of human being?
  6. What is the impact of car hauling services on the taxi industry?
  7. What are the effects of online dating?
  8. Is man really able to reach to the moon? What are the reasons that it has not travelled to it again?
  9. Is there really bad impact of using artificial technologies in the food industry?
  10. How genetic engineering effect human health?


  1. How use of alcohol affects the marriages?
  2. Impact of divorce on the children.
  3. Impact of the social media on the real relationship.
  4. Effects of growing up of a child in the single family system.
  5. How marriages are destroyed with the cause of job burden?
  6. What are the causes of bonding in the relationship of a family?
  7. Do family members feel more distance due to technological advancement?
  8. What are the causes that make away a man or a woman to make committed?
  9. What are the effects of having twins in the relationship of husband and wife?
  10. Impact of working or business woman on the married life of husband and wife.


  1. Impact of the inflation on middle income class.
  2. Effect of stock market on depression.
  3. How economies grow with the influences of government?
  4. Use of credit system in the American societies.
  5. How does global warming affect agriculture of the countries?
  6. How does spilling oil Effect Sea?
  7. Effect of the burden of the disease on the economies.
  8. What causes inequalities in the country? (Student may select any country)
  9. How tsunami has affected the economy of the disastrous country?
  10. Is globalization has any impact on employment?


  1. Effect of the technology in advancing health care systems.
  2. What is the effect on health of the children when they grow with the insecure of the food?
  3. How drugs effect nervous systems of the human being?
  4. What causes food impurities among fast food?
  5. Effect of packed foods on the health of human kind.
  6. Effect of the drinking too much water on the human body.
  7. What is the impact of taking prescribed and non-prescribed drugs on the human body?
  8. What are the impacts of extreme cold on the human body?
  9. Effect of watching too much television on a child.

Research Topics on Entertainment Arena

  1. Understanding the psychology of entertainment
  2. The concept of the internet of things (IoT) and the state-of-the-art
  3. The business engagement with the entertainment practices and the impact
  4. The limitations of the media entertainment
  5. The age of digital entertainment
  6. The economic growth of the entertainment industry
  7. The response of the audiences to the diverse entertainment practices
  8. Video games the primary source of millennial entertainment
  9. The launch of the I-Max entertainment
  10. The growth of communication through entertainment channels


  1. Effect of domestic violence on the children in society.
  2. What is the impact of media violence on the general public?
  3. What is the impact on the personality when a person grows in poverty?
  4. Impact of bright light on the prisoners.
  5. How shouting on children effecttheir personalities?
  6. What are the effects of abortion on the mental health of a woman?
  7. Effect of obese of children in the society.
  8. Effects of the stress on the productivity of brain.
  9. How lack of sleep causes less productivity in the work?
  10. What are the causes of bad moods?

Education system

  1. The effect of charter schools in the education system
  2. Single sex classes have the better impact on the learning system or is it a myth?
  3. How positively uniforms of the school affect or they have negative effect?
  4. How much physical fitness is necessary for moving towards sports?
  5. How much parents' involvement in the school effect learners' skills?
  6. How much elementary school programs are affected with the physical fitness programs?
  7. What are the causes in the school effect non-learning or failure of a student?
  8. Effects of the junk foods on the health of the children.
  9. Impact of vulgar system on the children and adults.
  10. Does education system effect relationships?

Historical events

  1. Impact of the continuous slavery on the American society?
  2. Effects on the World War I experienced person affected with that time experience.
  3. What are the effects of World War I on Jewish?
  4. How much Christianity was affected with the Roman Empire?
  5. Effects of British colonialism on the Asia.
  6. What affects a country when its people migrate?
  7. What causes affect its people to migrate from the country?
  8. What are the world wide effects of American drone on the terrorists as well as civilians?
  9. What are the effects of drugs war in Colombia?
  10. Effects of globalization on the position of women.


  1. What are the impacts of hydrocarbon in the environment?
  2. What is the effect of deforestation in the climate of a country?
  3. What is the impact of artificial change on the climate?
  4. Is global warming cause of melting ice globally?
  5. What are the causes of acidic rain and how it affects nature?
  6. Is socially responsible country really working towards green environment?
  7. Role of earthquake in the creation of tsunami.
  8. Is pollution only generated by the corporate world?
  9. What causes affect purity of the water streams?
  10. What are the causes of increasing viral diseases in the environment?

After selecting one topic from the above list, student have to research for the facts and figures about the selected topic. The student then will take the start of essay with the interesting lines. The starting lines of every essay are very important for the students. They build up the route map for the study ahead. Moreover, it sets up mind of the reader that what he is going to read in the entire essay. Hence, it is necessary for every writer to start the essay with interesting points so that attention of the reader can be grabbed.


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